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Using MkLinux

This section of the web site is devoted to helping the newcomer learn the essentials of using MkLinux.

Building MkLinux

Rich Morin, of Prime Time Freeware, has edited an excellent tutorial on building MkLinux. If you wish to build MkLinux yourself, his instructions are a good introduction.
UNIX Help for Users
UNIX Help for Users provides a glossary and instructions for many of the more frequently used commands and utilities. If you are a complete newcomer to the world of Unix, you may want to visit and bookmark this site.
Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
MkLinux uses the same Filesystem Hierarchy Standard, Version 2.0 used by other Linux distributions. If you have ever wondered where things were installed or where they should be installed, then you may want to read the FHS 2.0 standard. This document is the successor to the FSSTND, which brought order out of chaos in the early days of Linux.


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