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The Primary ftp site is However many times it is busy and it is almost always better to use a mirror site. is now restricted to five (5) anonymous users. The mirror sites that are known about are listed below. Note that many of these sites still mirror the old distribution (DR3). We are attempting to contact the various mirror admins to request that they mirror When that is completed, this page will reflect this. If you run a mirror please contact dgatwood HERON at apple dot com (remove anti-spam bird) for further assistance.

Note for mirror administrators: Due to very heavy load on, we ask you not to do mirror updates during PST business hours. Thanks

North America
Location: Site Name and Path: DR3 pre-R1 Comments About Site

Arizona X -
California - X 5000 Anonymous Connections - X 1000 Anonymous Connections - X - X
Missouri X - 500 Anonymous Connections X -
North Carolina - X - X
(Canada) - X 240 Anonymous Connections
Tennessee - X 150 Anonymous Connections
Wisconsin - X - X
France X X 30 Anonymous Connections
Germany - X 200 Anonymous Connections - X Europe only - X 100 Anonymous Connections - X
Hungary - X 200 Anonymous Connections - X CD Images - X CD Images
Sweden (DR3) (pre-R1)
X X 1150 Anonymous Connections dedicated from Sweden, 2600 Anonymous Connections Worldwide
United Kingdom - X - X
Japan X X X X From DR1 on up...
Thailand - X
Unofficial Pre-R2 ISO Mirrors N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A SLOW mirror, Limited connections, 128k N/A N/A SLOW mirror, Cable

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