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At this time, it's fitting to give a word of thanks to key people and organizations that have provided services or support for MkLinux along the way, in order alphabetically. But first, a special thanks to all of the developers, who are far too numerous to list.



MkLinux Developers Kernel Development team
Web Development team

Apple Computer
Cupertino, CA (USA)
Initial Development Team, Mailing Lists

Gilbert Coville MkLinux Developer

The GlobeGate Project
Martin, TN (USA)
Provides ftp services for current kernel binaries

Jon Howell Developed the FAQ-O-Matic, the user-managed automated FAQ system

Rich Morin Editor of "MkLinux: Microkernel Linux for the Power Macintosh"

MontaVista Software, Inc. Internet hosting, development sponsor

Silicomp (Formerly Open Group, OSF) Research Institute
Grenoble, France
Initial Development Team

Prime Time Freeware MkLinux Distributor, Book Publisher

Gary Thomas (Open Group) Compiler Development, etc.

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