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Installing Linuxppc Developer's Release 1.0 (RawHide) with MkLinux

Following the release of the Linuxppc Developer's Release 1.0, developers are working on a new release of MkLinux. This release contains glibc 2.1-based RPMS. If you installed MkLinux DR3, you are using glibc 1.x-based RPMS. These cannot be simply upgraded, and it is advised that you try the installation on a spare hard drive. The following instructions are for installing "RawHide" MkLinux from a local HFS (Mac) partition and are based on Kaoru Fukui's instructions at The final release of Rawhide MkLinux will contain updates of several RPMS.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download and uncompress Installer-MkLinux-G7R5.tar.gz from Kaoru Fukui's web site at:

    The individual files can also be downloaded from his ftp site:

  2. Change your current directory to Installer-Mklinux-G7R5/Redhat/RPMS/

    cd Installer-Mklinux-G7R5/Redhat/RPMS/

    Several RPMS that are needed for installing MkLinux are already here. You can verify these for yourself by doing ls.

  3. Download RPMS listed in Installer-MkLinux-G7R5/Redhat/base/comps from an ftp server. Currently two ftp servers are known to have the necessary RPMS (any others?):

    You will need to download all the base packages listed in Installer-MkLinux-G7R5/Redhat/base/comps. If you want to run X, GNOME, KDE, or develop programs, download the appropriate packages.

  4. Several RPMS are compatible only with the monolithic (linuxppc) kernel. These include:


    If you already downloaded these RPMS, you are free to delete them, but take care not to delete the RPMS that came with the installer.

  5. Several RPMS need to be replaced. if you downloaded SysVinit-2.74-11.ppc.rpm, delete it and replace it with Installer-Mklinux-G7R5/instead/SysVinit-2.76-2.ppc.rpm.

    The package m4-1.4-12.ppc.rpm is incompatible with MkLinux. Download


  6. If you use nfs, download

  7. Download hdlist, which is available at:

    Decompress hdlist.gz and put it in Installer-Mklinux-G7R5/Redhat/base. If you choose, you can create your own hdlist using genhdlist which is in


    Read Installer-Mklinux-G7R5/Redhat/base/Readme.hdlist for instructions on how to use it.

  8. The comps file in Installer-MkLinux-G7R5/Redhat/base/ contains the list of packages that will be available during installation. Edit this file if you have a different set of RPMS. Please read Redhat/base/Readme.comps.

  9. Copy Installer-MkLinux-G7R5 to an HFS partition.

  10. Reboot into MacOS.

  11. Uncompress Installer-Mklinux-G7R5/Mac_Files.sit. There are five files in the "Mac Files" folder. Copy the two files "MkLinux Booter" and "Mach Kernel" to your Extensions folder. Copy the control panel "MkLinux" to your Control Panels folder. Copy the two files "lilo.conf" and "MkLinux.prefs" to your Preferences folder.

  12. Move Installer-Mklinux-G7R5/Redhat to the top of your root directory and rename it to RedHat.

  13. The initial boot of MkLinux runs the installer. When you are asked to locate the RedHat directory, just hit RETURN.


End notes

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