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Welcome to the MkLinux Journal.

In the interest of keeping the MkLinux user community informed and involved, the MkLinux Web Team has decided to create this new section to the web site.

The MkLinux Journal is a forum for the users and developers to publish tutorials, reviews, opinion pieces and technical articles for the MkLinux community. The frequency of publication will depend upon the number of contributions we receive from our readers. We promise to provide new articles on a monthly basis even if we have to write them all ourselves. If you have something interesting to say about all things MkLinux, let us know. Send article contributions to

For what kind of stories are we looking? Almost anything.

Here are a couple of very specific ideas that we would like to see covered in the near future:

If it took you hours, days or even weeks to learn to do something, then it's probably a good indication that others could benefit from your experience. Not everyone who visits this site has the same level of expertise. Even subjects which may seem trivial to you will benefit the new MkLinux user.

We kickoff the Journal this month with a status report from David Gatwood on the current state of MkLinux project. He brings you up to date on where we are and where we are going.

We've also decided to highlight a new page from the Developer's Corner in the Journal. How to Contribute to MkLinux

We hope to see you again here at the Journal.


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