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Advanced Administration

The advanced administration section is intended to help the both the novice and seasoned linux user get the most from his computer.

Principles of System Administration

Mark Burgess has written an introduction to the Principles of System Administration. While the document was not written for MkLinux, it is is still applicable. If you are unfamiliar with the fundamentals of administering a Linux system, you will find this introduction will give you a strong foundation on which to learn.
Linux Administrator's Security Guide
Kurt Seifried has put together a compendium of Linux security information. While the guide is far from complete, at 152 pages it provides a detailed overview of Linux security needs and practices. Not every topic covered in the document is directly applicable to MkLinux, but the vast majority of it is. If you have the need or desire to secure your system against attack, then The Linux Adminstrator's Security Guide is a must have.

The LASG is now available in html format, previously it was only available as an encrypted PDF file.


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